A businessman shuts down the business for a week and takes 60 employees to a luxury spa with expenses paid

in it jobThere is nothing better than enjoying a good atmosphere. A friendly environment, co-workers to hang out with or bosses who appreciate and reward their employees do not get paid which is a perfect combination for good performance and job satisfaction.

That’s what Khairal Amin knew, a Malaysian businessman dedicated to selling spicy sauces known as sambal, who decided to reward a moment of good work in his business with a nod. 60 employees From his factory is hardly forgotten.

The man, who is the CEO of the company and is also an “influencer”, decides to shut down his company for a week and take my employees vacation With all expenses paid. “All the staff are happy,” said Aming, in a post from Instagram, explaining the good feelings between the employees and their generosity.

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Thus, it could be the template Five days of paid leave All the luxury of a beach resort. The chosen location was Langkawi, a tourist archipelago in northwest Malaysia. The 60 employees received free air tickets, accommodation in a 5-star hotel with spacious rooms with sea views and paid meals, including a gala dinner.

They didn’t miss a thing and enjoyed, among other things, activities such as trekking in private raftwith jacuzzi included, to spend the day on paradise beach and go watch the sunset, jet skis, visit caves, aquarium, snorkeling or even gift vouchers to go shopping.

This isn’t the first time Aming has surprised its employees. Last October, they were also invited to a resort and more recently, in conjunction with labor dayIt also decided to close the factories and invited employees to go shopping and eat with gift vouchers.

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Users praised the boss’s generosity and many of them didn’t hesitate to ask in a sarcastic tone if there was anything wrong. vacancies. Another user on the network commented, “This president is a role model.”

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