A big fire devours a market in Moscow, and the government denies another fire in the Ministry of Defense

a Odintsovo city marketIn the Moscow region (Russia), a fire burned at least 1,800 square meters of the facility early Thursday. On the same night, another fire struck the Ministry of Defense in the country’s capital, although the government denied this.

The fire started in Akkos Market localized to an area of ​​150 square meters, but At two in the morning he had already reached 1800according to what was reported by the Russian news agency TASS.

“There is an accumulation of necessary forces and means Further preventing the spread of fire“, said the responsible ministry in a statement compiled by TASS.

The market, which has been operating for more than 20 years, has more than 350 building specialty stores It is located in a total area of ​​5.5 hectares.

Fire in the Ministry of Defense

At the same dawn, another fire allegedly occurred, This time in the Russian Ministry of DefenseAlthough the country’s authorities denied this, according to the American CNN series, citing the TASS news agency.

“A fire broke out On the balcony of the Ministry of Defense building On Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya, ”TASS initially reported in a quote from the emergency services, which spoke about the forces operating on the ground.

Local authorities denied this after a fire did not affect the ministry. «No fire has been confirmedThe firefighters did not find the flames when they arrived. There is also no information about the victims.

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