A baby is born in the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey

A woman gave birth to her son during he Earthquake in Turkey. earthquake Size 7.4 in the letter eOpen Richter scale Recorded on monday south turkeynear the border with SyriaLeave Thousands of dead In both countries as well as other countries Thousands were injured and missing, and hundreds of buildings collapsed. According to the latest available information provided by the authorities of the two countriesnearly 5,000 people died The result of a succession of earthquakes recorded on Monday.

In the midst of the tragedy

In the midst of the tragedy, ShA mother gives birth to her child in the middle l The rubble left by the earthquake in Syria. was the woman Under the rubble when this happened. A man managed to help the woman and get her out for newborns Who will save him? from the rubble And take him outside to take care of him.

the Search and rescue Continue, because to the scale of the disasterafter the earthquake destroyed Thousands of buildings completely, so that is to be expected Significant increase in the number of victims In both Turkey and Syria.


On the other hand, the Turkish authorities notified 3 381 people died, Beside 15,834 woundedAs stated by the head of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), Yunus Sezer, Anadolu Agency gathers.

The Vice President of Turkey, Fuat Otki, pointed this out More than 350,000 earthquake victims were sheltered In university centers, shelters and student residences.

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On the other hand, the earthquake left More than 769 dead and 1450 wounded In the areas controlled by the Syrian government, according to preliminary data from the Ministry of Health, indicating that the victims are from the governorates of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Idlib and Tartous.

To the Syrian government figures it is necessary Add over 700 dead and 2,000 wounded In the rebel-held areas in provinces Idlib and AleppoIn the northwest of the Arab country, according to the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the “White Helmets”, through its Twitter account, where it expressed regret for the “disaster and destruction” left by the earthquake.

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