A 34-year-old woman dies after being swallowed by a plane engine despite warnings to stay away

A Piedmont airline worker died last year in Alabama, but details of the event have now come to light

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Security measures are essential at the airport, especially on the runway Direct contact with aircraft It can end in tragedy if you don’t follow all the rules correctly.

This is what happened on January 3 at the airport in Alabama in the United States, when a woman lost her life, drowning in an aircraft engine.

The 34-year-old woman, a runway operator in Piedmont, as can be inferred from the investigation by the US National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, did not respond to persistent warnings from airline employees that indicated the engines were still running. To comply with the post-takeoff cooling protocol.

Information collected by NTSB It describes all the details of the accident and what happened in the cockpit, when the pilots realized something had happened to the engine:

“Immediately afterwards he saw a warning light come on and the aircraft shook violently, followed by the immediate automatic shutdown of number one engine,” the detail.

Efforts are now focused on determining why the operator does not respond to warnings that the engine is still running.

The victim was identified as Courtney Edwards, a mother of three and her family started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the funeral.

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