A 3-year-old girl dies after being locked in a washing machine

The parents found the girl inside the washing machine after they “noticed her absence” during dinner

A man puts clothes in the washing machine abc

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into a family case 3 year old girl Who died after being locked in the washing machine, according to what was reported by the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

The events took place on the night from Thursday to Friday, when the parents could not find the little girl after dinner. After moments of agony, the father and one of the little girl’s siblings find her inside the device. According to the father who is at the center of the authorities’ investigation: The washing machine did not start and the door was closed.

The girl was alive but in critical condition at the time she was found, and died shortly after in hospital. The investigations of the Minors Protection Police Brigade are now seeking to determine the causes of death of the minors No signs of violence were found No blows to your body. An autopsy should be performed, but the initial cause of death is indicated suffocation.

The family lives in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, north of the city, and consists of the 48-year-old father, 37-year-old mother, and 37-year-old father. five sons Between 18 years old for the oldest and 3 of the young deceased. The parents confirmed this at the time of the event They didn’t know what four of the five children were doingincluding the victim, because they were having dinner alone with the Major.

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Neighbors told “Le Parisen” that the parents asked them to help search for the little girl around the perimeter of the building, in case she ran away, and that the father immediately called emergency services as soon as he found the little one. Girl inside the washing machine.

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