A 13-year-old boy prevents his little sister from being kidnapped with a slingshot

Heroic event in the United States. child 13 years He helped save his little sister last Wednesday from a 17-year-old boy who was trying to kidnap her. Michigan authorities explained to the local press that the minor had a slingshot with which he threw a rock at the attacker’s head, thus managing to free the victim.

The 8-year-old girl was foraging for mushrooms in her backyard Albena towna small town in the Great Lakes region, when “an unknown man appeared out of the woods,” he later told the Michigan State Police.

Alpina County Sheriff’s Office in Front of Rural Jail, Michigan


“The suspect had crossed the woods onto the property and he was following her, grabbing her hand over her mouth, her arm around her waist, and trying to drag her into the trees.” John Grimshaw To the local media “WGTU”.

«It seemed that he could take it, but his older brother (4 years younger than the kidnapper) and They threw a stone to the chest and another to the head with a slingshot,” explained the agent, who described the teenager’s actions as “unusual.”

first escaped

The suspect fled the area, but the state police found him near a gas station in the area. have been identified about the wounds due to the slingshot and was subsequently taken into custody and transported without incident to the Albena County Jail.

The suspect was arraigned Thursday charged with attempted kidnapping and Lure childrenand another for attempted assault and battery, and he will be tried as an adult even though he has not yet reached the age of majority.

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