A 12-year-old boy dies playing Russian roulette with his friends in the United States

Mississippi’s capital, Jackson, witnessed a tragedy this week that shook the entire population and reopened the debate about gun access in the United States.

a A boy of only 12 years old He died while playing Russian Roulette with his friends, of the same age, who were arrested for first degree murder.

Alongside them, the police have been provided with a 21-year-old adult who is accused of cooperating with them, although no further details were given about the investigation that continues its course.

The events took place last Tuesday in that town, in an abandoned house where the group of friends used to hang out.

Markel Noah, as the deceased child has been identified, was first reported missing by his parents and later by the police. I found his dead body On unoccupied property.

And the boy’s mother posted on social media a call for a memorial to honor her “clever kid” son, she wrote.

And the mother added in a post in which she also shared several photos of her son: “If you love him, come and show him your love.”

Russian Roulette consists of placing a single bullet in the weapon and taking turns shooting, putting yourself in danger

It is not known how Markel, who had just turned 12 on November 17, and his friends had a gun and what prompted them to engage in such a dangerous practice of shooting each other with one alternately loaded bullet in the gun.

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