8 tips from an experienced pilot to make your flight safer

the Aviation security It is an important issue to deal with and above all to improve. Therefore, prof expert pilot And professional in the industry for more than 10 years A series of recommended Guidelines All passengers must follow them to ensure maximum safety on board flights.

from Your seat position until the shoes Which ones you should use will be deciding factors, the pro explained to the Daily Mail.

Comfortable and manageable shoes

It is common for passengers not to take into account the shoes they travel in and use some shoes that may not be the most appropriate. However, this could be dangerous. When choosing which shoes to fly in, it is advisable to use them The most comfortable and easy to move. Because, in emergency situations, it will be much easier to move around with this type of shoe than with others that are not so much.

One of the requirements for a shoe to be comfortable is that it be fully covered as it protects you from both dirt and potential impacts.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, the situation known as “corse” is best when seated Enjoy your trip. The reason for this is that in the event of a crash, it can save you from one of the worst impacts.

It is mandatory to wear a seat belt

Once the plane has taken off, it is not necessary to fasten your seatbelt if the light signal indicates so, but things change with the arrival of turbulence. Ideally, During this entire period, keep your seat belt on Because otherwise, accidents may occur with lights and air conditioning outlets.

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In case of severe turbulence, it is advisable to throw hot drinks on the floor and store things in the front seat pocket.

Whatever object you want to save, it must be Put it in a bag Always in a good place in the overhead compartment. There are more people than meets the eye who break bones or have some kind of accident due to misplacing these things.

Also, squeezing the bags can be very dangerous because they can explode during landing if the container is opened.

Seats at the end of the plane

The location of the passengers on the flight can also be crucial when it comes to increasing their safety. the The seats in the last two-thirds of the plane are the safest.

The reason for this is that it is the strongest part of the plane, and therefore the passengers are the ones who can survive any impact or attack most easily.

Drink water with every alcoholic beverage

Because of the higher the plane reaches in the air, the oxygen level in the blood decreases significantly. Also, since there is less moisture inside the device during the flight, we get dehydrated faster. All this makes The effects of alcohol are felt faster than it is when we are on dry land, so he recommends having a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage passengers drink.

Kitchen area as much as possible

The aircraft galley is an area to avoid for the items it contains. Both sharp utensils and knives, and even bottles of wine that are served to passengers, can pose a threat.

Sometimes, if these things are not well protected or secured, they may break. Especially in turmoil. Hot drinks can also be spilled and can be dangerous for people nearby.

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