70,000 tons, the cruise that sails the seas with 3,000 heavy metal fans and 120 concerts on board

  • It makes its way from Miami to the Bahamas between January and February each year, and important artists from the scene come to live with audiences from more than seventy countries.

  • On board the ship there are all kinds of entertainment and dining facilities, as well as several indoor and outdoor stages for concerts.

Watch dozens of concerts heavy metal On the high seas from inside the jacuzzi and the sea breeze hitting your face on the deck of a giant ship? if it was possible. Phrase Freedom of the seas It celebrates the festival every year70,000 tons of metal It has been transmitted for more than a decade in every annual issue around 3,000 heavy rock fans of all nationalities across the waters Caribbean, offering an intense five-day onboard rock “treatment” with 60 sets and a total of 120 concerts. inside, Four Phases, 24 Hour Bars, Swimming Pools, Basketball Court, Mini Golf, Casino, Spa, Themed Restaurants And the possibility of living together and sharing the experience with members of all bands. Fans who sell out their tickets every year know they won’t hear the sirens’ songs; What they are looking for is to enter the floating paradise of metal music.

In this year’s edition left the Freedom of the Seas, which, in fact, despite the name of the festival it hosts, weighs more than 154 thousand tons (three times the weight of the Titanic). Miami On January 30th it is heading to Bimini in the Bahamas, to return to the American coast again on 3 February. In total, five days and four nights were marked by the empire of powerful electric guitars, powerful voices, thousands of believers among whom black clothes and tattoos reigned, and a marathon of daily concerts that began every day at ten in the morning and ended at six the next morning. A delight for the 2,761 ticket-paid fans, who, in addition, can simultaneously enjoy the wide range of fun and entertainment options offered by the huge facilities at It became for a while the largest cruise ship in the world.

To the number of fans we must add members and employees From 60 teams and over 1,300 crew members who make sure nothing goes wrong. Royal Caribbean Shipping’s dimensions allow it to swallow everything without the slightest problem, including 14 trucks with the kits’ materials and equipment. With a length of 338 meters, a width of 38 meters and 15 decks, the “Little Angel” is capable of sailing at a speed of 21.6 knots (about 40 kilometers per hour).

Prices per capita in adventure minerals fluctuate Between $1,366 (about 1,250 euros) if you share a four-seater cabin, It comes to over $4,999 (about 4,500 euros) in the most luxurious version of the large outdoor cabins and the best location. To this amount must be added $464 (€420) for additional fees and expenses. The price does not include alcoholic beverages or the times you want to challenge Lady Luck yourself inside the casino within Freedom of the Seas.

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Luxurious facilities

Angel Garcia He is one of the Spaniards who were present at the last edition. In his opinion it’s a “mid-hike” cruise, it’s rather expensive. Many of my friends couldn’t go this year. After the pandemic they hiked it. You must have some savings to be able to afford to go from Europe to Miami, stay At least one night there, then pay for the cabin. You can share it with three others, but, yeah, for medium and high purchasing power.” Of course, he admits, “It’s luxurious, because The facilities are of a high class. they are great. The cabins are very good. The ship is one of the largest ships. There are climbing facilities, playing basketball, surf simulator and mldr; & rdquo;.

Although there is free food, the cruise also offers the possibility to enjoy other paid cooking options and visit themed restaurants to try sushi, Argentinian barbecue, or an Italian recipe. The gastronomic diversity is wide.

practically through Every day several concerts are held simultaneously on four different stages with the cruise. Each of the 60 groups perform twice and the calendar is organized so travelers can plan to see all the line-ups. On the rooftop is the main stage, where you can enjoy concerts while fans sunbathe or bathe in any of the pools or from inside the jacuzzi. A scene for heavy metal fans enjoying indulging in group performances death metal It is really out of the ordinary.

Other venues include the Theater Royal, a five-story chamber in which the seats on the floor are removed so that attendees can watch the musicians up close, while the rest can choose to attend the show seated in benches in the rest of the vegetation. . The smallest stage is the Star Room, a kind of club, more intimate and smaller, and finally, there is a third covered stage, Studio B, on the ice rink, although it was covered during this trip.

Coexistence between audience and artists

Throughout the festival’s years of history, there have been important groups and soloists from heavy metal that proceed from blind guardian until Saxonpasses HalloweenAnd acceptsAnd goldAnd Michael SchenkerAnd Gamma rays also anthrax. The 2023 edition is counted among others with the legendary German guitarist Ole John Roth (former member of Scorpions), Finns night wishGermans Creator Or the Madrid squad worms. The relation of musicians to travelers is, inevitably, much closer than it has been at a concert in the stadium or in the hall, since the advent of symbiosis. “There are no VIP areas, it’s really like everyone has a pass backstage” Mentioned by the organization.

Angel García highlights this aspect: “They do it with special characteristics that you don’t get in other events. AndYou’re around groups, you eat with them, and you go on excursions with them. It’s a very different experience. They are with you waiting in line for food. They let you take pictures with them, talk to them, and sign autographs. It is a very special environment. You interact with all the bands & mldr; & rdquor ;, describing this Spanish fan.

The music show on the plane is contrary to what one might imagine if you think about it heavy metal As a single genus, it is very diverse. The pattern catalog (not that of the foundry) includes variants such as Death metal, gear metal, gothic metal, folk metal, progressive metal, black metalNuances, variety and styles despite frequent metal nuances All travelers recognize her. “The overall sound quality is good, but that’s not the main value; it’s during shows where you’re on deck, in the jacuzzi, and shower, it gives you the Caribbean air & mldr; this prevails over the sound, which is fine, but the environment around the stage gets With a greater appreciation. You can move, you can get to the front row and back,” says Angel García.

During the cruise, some of the musicians give master classes to those who want to come along and sing jam sessions and the Meet and greet It is repeated during the five days that it lasts. In this way, the file heavy On this voyage across the high seas, it stands as a universal language, a kind of Esperanto, a language designed to unify, to make itself understood by metal fans from all over the planet. In the latest version they are brought together Fans from 71 nationalities: Vietnam, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Lithuania, Egypt, Chile, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Brazil, Cyprus, Indonesia, mldr; The organization has defined this fact as “the United Nations representation of heavy metal on the high seas & rdquor ;.

Among those present, friendships are established and a good atmosphere prevails. Especially in the case of Latinos. “You make friends for life. You have them forever.” The Latin world meets in an instant, in the corner of the ship. We take out the flags and take pictures. This is done as soon as you enter the boat. “It’s emotional, because you get to meet people from other years,” says Angel García, who has attended two editions of the 70K. It is common as Ñ ​​corner

“sold out” every year

Swiss businessman Andy Bieler conceived the “70,000 tons” project and began developing it in 2011. Since then, the festival has only been able to celebrate for two years due to the Covid pandemic. But every ticket issue was sold out. The trip offers an experience with heavy metal As the main claim, but it does not neglect the entertainment aspect. At Freedom of the Seas, there is a karaoke room where fans try, with varying success, to emulate the treble and bass sound of their favorite singers. One day there is a costume party and among the most popular activities there is a costume party Abdominoplasty competition in one of the indoor swimming pools Which always provides a great opportunity for the most experienced photographers, as well as ensuring pleasant moments. Much appreciated by commuters, there are bars that stay open 24 hours a day. “This whole environment kind of makes it Disneyland Heavy Metal. It is a special event for a people heavy” Angel Garcia explains.

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Related news

The cruise even has a nursery, so “let’s see what I do with the kids” is no excuse if what you want is to have the chance to cycle through the decibels and act out the unmistakable gesture of the fist-raised horns used by the cheerleaders heavy And who attributes his “creation” to the disappeared Ronnie James Dio. Not in vain, at the last January edition, many children attended and some, not so many. The oldest fan was 79 years old. Another interesting fact: Four out of ten festival attendees were women.

There are more cruises like this that are for heavy rockers. The current supply is wide. groups like Kiss They have (the next version will be in 2024), megadeth It was also, and Bon Jovi They sang about the Mediterranean in 2019. But everyone considers “70 thousand tons” the biggest festival among those who keep heavy metal. The existence of this and the rest of the metal excursions confirms that rock, contrary to what many have been proclaiming for many years, is still alive & mldr; Sailing at full sail.

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