60 years of Liberdúplex, the printing company that has a resurgence thanks to a teenage friendship

When she was 14 years old, Ainhoa ​​Mol came to her parents’ house in Barcelona with an ultimatum. The father of her friend Laura Miner, a classmate of hers, was about to shut down his printing press. Ainhua’s father, A.N A very important businessman in the world of newspapers Always passionate about the world of books, he established contact with Laura’s father, Manolo Miner. That story, which looks like a fairy tale with a happy ending, gave it what it is today Liberdúplex, the largest book printing company in Spainwhich produces 35 million copies annually, from many different publishers, in this country and abroad, and yesterday celebrated its 60th anniversary with this motto: Passion for books.

The person who told that story that doesn’t end here, but continues, is Javier Moll. That once-hard-to-fulfill dream that his daughter proposed to him now has one floor more than Liberdúplex already has, it has state-of-the-art technology whose robots alternate with human experience behind what once seemed like it would remain as a vehicle. .

In the 1990s it was believed that book printing was going downhill and now Fearlessly compete with digital reality. Those floors where Liberdúplex continues the desire of the girl Ainhoa ​​to help her friend’s family at this moment always smell books, of ink, of paper, of the dream that was Gutenberg and that now, among other things, remains the dream of Moll and her adventure companions. Printing is in its old heyday, buoyed now by the fact that publishers no longer fear, as the cynics said, that a cyber star will wipe out the printing mills.

Here it smells like books, it is the sound that has always accompanied the birth of the printed letter, the enormous space (about 15,000 square meters) occupied by this sixty-year-old invention that the editor Javier Moll now also trusts in response to those who have confirmed, in the Frankfurt exhibition 1996, that what is happening today will be a fairy tale, but in reverse. Moll was delighted, as if he had thrown away the first newspapers that make up Prensa Ibérica, among them Catalonia newspaper And the last one, EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA (which joined yesterday, even reaching 26 newspapers, through its acquisition of Galician Post). Ainhua’s father, the girl who came to her explaining the urgent need to help her friend’s father, has been in the newspaper business for 46 years, has a publishing house in London (Alison and Busby) and another in Barcelona, ​​Alba, which he runs another daughter of his, Ainhua, and he, he said ,” a fan of the books ever since & rdquo;.

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Celebrate the authenticity of the book

Saving those businesses threatened with ruin was no easy task. Illusion (passion for books) collided with the reality of dark times, but he did not trust the safety of “experts” because he believed in “the combination of print & rdquor”. With this conviction and the complicity of his chief partner, his wife, Arantxa Sarasola, gradually came to power “A difficult balance.” between reality and desire. 1998, the year they took on this boat that was just drifting, was a shell going into an uncertain future. “We beat each other at all angles, it was a difficult three years, during which I realized that I had either thrown in the towel or endured & rdquor; the sweat towel of yesterday was a storm of the past, which is why they roasted with it their fellow travelers and also the Catalan authorities who did not congratulate themselves on the success they had Not only is it celebrated, but so are other aspects of the business that Mull signs on as entrepreneurial journalism.

Specifically, the Secretary of State Business Administration, Albert Castellanos, congratulated himself (in Catalan and Spanish) on sharing this success with someone who also presides over a press group that provides information and clarity in times as complex as those they face today, in the world and in Spain’s media. The Spanish government’s delegate to Catalonia, María Eugenia Gay, highlighted the number of books that Liberdúplex has printed for Celebrate the book’s veracity in front of the cynics. In addition, he explained, this statistic is in line with a recent initiative of the national government that has opened its hand to help young people buy books. “The book is growing.” In the days when Ainhoa ​​Moll feared for the future of her boyfriend’s father’s work, a government rep’s phrase would have been a good part of utopia.

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The book was on everyone’s lips. We asked some of the attendees specifically about each one’s relationship to books. Arantxa Sarasola, to whom her husband, Javier Mol, credits the record held by Liberdúplex, now reads national episodes By Pérez Galdós, on paper, of course, “although on long trips you can’t rule out an e-book.” guardian De Clarin, he says, is one of his glossy print header papers. His daughter Ainhoa, senior manager of Prensa Ibérica, referred to Alba’s translation, Madame Bovary, Flaubert. Victor Trillo, the man who ran the Liberdúplex’s operations, was chosen among those who left this printing press wind shadow By Carlos Ruiz Zavon, “I read under the summer sun as soon as it came out of these dishes ”.

paper smell

It smelled like paper everywhere. In this context that years ago seemed like it would become stale, we asked the government rep about her books. hadrian’s diary, Written by Marguerite Yourcenar, I’m Julia from Posteguillo, friendship, Cicero & mldr; She was an actress (she was in a theatre Antigone Sophocles), is a jurist and daughter of this passion for justice, and considers that reading (“reading books, on paper, or whatever…) enables,” guarantees knowledge, and tends to train; It gives us confidence and freedom and teaches us respect.” Two editors came out to meet us. Jesús Bades, Planeta’s HC Zavon has his best memory of his long time as an editor at the house Lara founded. Daniel Fernandez (Edhasa, head of the publishing house) He welcomes the fact that robots now coexist with ancient forms, as in the Liberdúplex factories; Silvia Sissy (Anagrams) He had the joy of recovery on his face Alvaro Pompeo About his editorial (“In January we will publish his novel Santander 1936); Victor Peñas Random House celebrated with us the day he was sent to print the first book he had ever published. Arturo Perez Riverte (Flanders table), s Silvia Bastosthe literary agent, was very pleased with the fact that Anagrama had published its author Pombo, and in general, she was glad to have her also among her pupils, for example, Jordi Solera Ines Martin Rodrigo (our partner in April) Or Santiago Roncaliolo.

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The Book Festival of the Liberdúplex, book-making factories in which 48 publishers of the most diverse types gather, and which with their presence refute the now outdated assumption that a printed book will die out. That girl’s father, Ainhua, agreed yesterday when he heard the famous anecdote of what Mark Twain said when he saw the news of her death in a newspaper. That impostor said: “The news of my death is frankly premature.” “The same can be said of pessimists,” Javier Moll said yesterday afternoon. “We have already seen that books are in good health.”

All dishes are boiled. They wanted to take the new books. But they are from publishers, and soon 35 million books of them will be out of bookstores.

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