60% of the French want to continue mobilizing against pension reform

60% of the French want the unions to continue their moves against the law reforming the national pension system, which was approved by the Constitutional Court at noon on Friday and issued by Emmanuel Macron at midnight on Saturday.

According to a poll published by RTL, the first national radio station with maximum solvency and credibility, Macron won the institutional battle, but he still lost the battle for public opinion, very hostile to his reform.

In this RTL poll, 71% of the French said they were “against” the law adopted and officially promulgated. 66% of French say they support the trade union and political movement against the law, which is opposed by the far right and all the left, half-heartedly supported by the traditional right and supported by Macron’s Ennahda party.

In this context of great social resistance, 60% of the French said they wanted the unions to continue calling for days of protest against the law.

All indicators of the RTL survey also confirm the growing resistance and hostility against a law that should officially enter into force, barring an unexpected surprise, at the beginning of next September.

Aware that they have the moral support of an important part of the national public, the unions have once again called for days of protest for the next week.

The unions of the French National Police Federation (SNCF, equivalent to the Spanish Renfe) condemn the “brutality” of a law that agreed to retire at the age of 64, and called for a strike day next Thursday on the 20th of September, denouncing the “police repression” in these terms: ” Social violence is orchestrated by the government and the chief of the rich, hence we are bound to continue mobilizing against an unjust law.”

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For their part, the Confederation of Trade Unions and the main French trade unions denounced the “contempt” of a “president who fuels the social crisis”, and called for two new days of strikes and demonstrations, Thursday the 20th and Friday. 28 coming.

After a night of street violence and vandalism on Friday, accidents, fires and violence multiplied throughout Saturday in twelve provincial cities.

President Macron will deliver an official address to the nation, next Monday, to try to “explain” and “why” the prospects for reforming the national pension system, which has been approved institutionally, but which unions and public opinion strongly object to.

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