5 tricks to fix a meal when it goes wrong

Sometimes we throw up meal That shortly Censorship We miss, burn or spoil for various reasons when we are on the stove.

However, often, These little bugs that complicate our day have a simple solution. Find out below how to fix burnt soup, soggy noodles, gravies that are too greasy or a dish with too much salt:

How to fix burnt lentils

First, it is necessary Don’t move legumes. If it smells like burning, consider that. You don’t need to search to check it out. In this way you avoid greater evils.

The next thing you should do is Pour them into another bowl. Put them back on the heat and continue cooking, adding more waterAnd also some papers lettuce (or some peeled potatoes) – which will serve to absorb the burnt flavour – and let them cook for another five minutes.

Finally, when you provide it, you must add splash out oil on each plate.

If you have added too many spices

Sometimes it happens that we do not measure the quantity of the ingredient well. With spices is a big problem, because they produce Very strong taste The whole dish can be spoiled and no one can taste it. A trick to reduce that spicy aftertaste Add some fruit or dairy products (They are also often used in Indian cuisine). Adding a little liquid cream or coconut milk can also help reduce the density.

The pasta has gone through and is mushy

If we spend a few minutes, it may happen that the cooked noodles are too soft, but this also has a solution. The first, of course, is Remove food from heat and drain it So as not to get softer.

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If you miss a few, wash it in the same dryer with cold water and then Fry it in the pan With a little oil.

In case you missed a lot, ruse it to soup or infusing it into the ovenPutting it in the source and adding the olive oil and the rest of the ingredients you prepared.

You’ve gone too far with salt

One of the most common mistakes is excessive salt intake. The best way to solve this problem Pour some liquidWhich dilutes the strength of the flavour. It can also be a good solution to add some Boiled vegetables It has a sweet flavor like potatoes, carrots, or onions, and let it cook together for a while.

The broth is too greasy or runny

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In the event that the broth is very greasy, the best solution is to place the container in the refrigerator until it makes it cold. fat for hardening On the top. Then remove this part and you will have removed a lot of the excess.

If there is too much liquid in the broth in some of the beans, what you can do is remove the part using a saucepan and cut it off With a portion of legumes. Then you pour it in again and stir it well, thus obtaining a more uniform broth.

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