40 Years of Hitler’s Diaries, a verbatim introduction to today’s “Fake News”.

The alleged diaries of Adolf Hitler will remain guarded in the German Federal Archives for what they are: a massive ‘fake’ that sank the ‘Stern’ into disrepute, the weekly it launched on the market to celebrate historic landmarks or to humanize the beast. This was announced by the media group BertelsmannAfter the closure of the scientific investigation of a scandal that occurred 40 years ago.

It was April 25, 1983. On that day, their star correspondent, Gerd Heidemannwhich was presented to a packed press conference Black notebooks with a red stamp It was purchased from a collector named Konrad Kujau. It was the first of a total of 60 theoretical notebooks written by the Fuehrer, which shows this war plans or even intestinal collapse. Heidemann had been working with Kujau for two years, reaching him through Nazi collectors and antique dealers.

Press sensation lasted 10 days. even less. At the same press conference and during the “Stern” director, Peter Kochargued that newspapers would “rewrite” history Third ReichAnd there were those who raised doubts about her authenticity. Through the interrogation, a review of the federal archives was carried out, jointly with the German Public Prosecutor’s Office and the criminal police.

temporal discrepancies

Decades have passed since the surrender of the Third Reich, in 1945. No one from the Fuhrer’s entourage, who lived out his last days locked in a Berlin bunker or testified at the Allied trials in Nuremberg, spoke of the existence of diaries. The first revision already reflected time inconsistencies and situations that did not match the story.

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“Stern” has not passed the books acquired by Heidemann by anyone checker process. Eager to present the miracle to the world, he moved editorial publication to Monday, April 25, instead of Thursday, the day it usually hit the newsstands.

On May 6, the three federal districts – the archives, the prosecutor’s office and the police – finally dismantled the deception. 60 laptops acquired by “Stern” It could not have been written by Hitler. Not only because of the content, but because the paper, and polyester thread For sewing notebooks and other materials used they did not exist in the era of the Reich, but they are from now on Post-war period.

It was the “earth swallow me up” that still weighs heavily on Stern today. Reporter Heidemann and forger Kujau ended up before justice. I order to cheat, since the destination of part of the 4.7 million marks Stern paid for the exclusive was never known. The second is sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment forgery.

The fake newspaper story has led to numerous covers, books, even the movie “Shunk,” and back-to-back reports. On Monday, ARD public television aired the first three episodes of the series. In addition to recalling the press error, it was concluded that the counterfeiter Kucao not only acted to do business, but was more involved in the environment. Neo-Nazism than he thought. He had begun writing the fake diaries in 1978. “He wrote geared towards what his readers in this scene wanted to read about Hitler,” says historian Magnus Prishtkin.

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The ARD series includes parts of an interview with Kujau in prison, as well as Heidemann, 91 and immersed in delusions. It also reconstructs Stern’s environment and its founder, Henri Nannen, in charge of the publication between 1948 and 1983. The monograph Bertelsmann commissioned is dedicated to that period, including the editor’s links to Nazism.

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Stern is not the only major German magazine that paid money Cracks in your credibility Not checking what he posted. Four years ago, “Der Spiegel”a leading political weekly, fired its star journalist, Class Relotiusafter revealing another colleague from the same medium who Invented testimonials and reports considered “investigative”.

The review now of Hitler’s “fake” diaries takes place at a time of debate about other forms of deception: those derived from artificial intelligence. The biggest scandal emerged last week, the result of a false interview conducted by Amnesty International with former Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher, who has not been seen since a skiing accident in the French Alps in 2013. His family jealously guards his private domain. Publishing group Funke fired “die Aktuelle” director Anne Hoffmann on Sunday, who apologized to readers and family for a product that “should never have been published.”

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