2022 World Cup Qatar: The World Cup hasn’t started and there are already complaints about what might come next: ‘It’s crazy’

And theThe World Cup is just around the corner and some club coaches are already afraid of the consequences for their teams. He was the first to express his opinion Anthony Conti,Sir Tottenham.

“We knew about this situation, we knew it was crazy to have the World Cup during the league and the Champions League. This kind of schedule is crazy.‘ said the master to the press.

“Quite frankly, It’s strange in England that we start playing three days after the World Cup final. We are the only country that does that. “Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and other countries take time to rest and breathe a little,” he said.

Swipe dates

He added: “It seems crazy to me that on December 21, three days after the final, we will play a Carabao Cup match. After another three days you have to play in the English Premier League“.

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