2 euro coin that can earn up to 500: check your pocket

Our wallet can hide a pleasant surprise. And this despite the fact that ancient coins seem to be the ones that contain special value In numismatics, there is also a currently circulating euro that has characteristics that make it unique. For all this, they are hard to find and can cost much more than their theoretical fixed price.

This is what happens with a file 2 euro coin It was minted by Portugal and put on the market in 2002. In fact, each country mints its pieces and can also produce 2 euro coins for the public, not for circulation as such. Of course, there are a maximum of two permits per year for each country to celebrate anniversaries or related historical events.

All coins are 2 euro BimetallicThey have an inner part made of nickel plated with copper and the other outer part of cupronickel from which protrudes an inscription engraved by each nation. The interior also contains powerful illustrations with the symbols of each issuing country.

Although it looks a priori similar to the rest of the coins, this one, published in Portugal in 2002, is of particular value because, due to a minting error, it was released on the market with rather few illustrations. decentralization. Thus, it is very visible because the stars that surround the coin are literally on the edge of the outer piece or even enter the other part of the coin.

What do you do if you have one

The lucky ones who discover that they have one of these collectors’ coins should make sure that it is In perfect condition To be able to get up to 500 euros that some offer for it. After that, if you want to sell, it is recommended to visit some of the houses that sell coins. On the contrary, there are those who believe that the best option is to keep the piece because it can get more value over the years.

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This is not the first time a similar story has happened with the €2 coin. Another edit was made in January 2009 in Greece To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Emu (1999-2000), on the reverse there is a stick figure with the euro symbol, the work of the esteemed Greek sculptor George Stamatopoulos, which made the coin garner attention.

There are more cases. Another €2 mint, in this case at Lithuania in 2021, It contained some words that were not the words they should have been in the beginning (“God bless Latvia instead of ‘Freedom, Unity and Prosperity'”) and that is why it acquired a special value.

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