15 Novelties From “The Cozy Mystery,” The Friendliest Face Of Crime

he Convenient crime also Comfortable secretAnd he The more black novel subgenre Nice And comfortableHeiress of Agatha Christie and Mrs. Marple, who began living as A.J alive During a pandemic, the reader’s traction that has been looking for escape through plots of low-intensity violence and a little bit of gore continues to soar this summer. for the phenomena arising from it Richard Osman, David Safire, or SJ Bennett titles like Everyone in my family has killed someone.Benjamin Stephenson O Twyford codeby Janice Hallett.

under these lines latest news from Convenient crime:

“Everyone in my family has killed someone.”

Benjamin Stephenson (planet/pillar)

The Australian comedian debuts this original novel with dark humor and reinvention of the classic closed room. The film takes place in a mountain hotel, where the protagonist is summoned to a meeting with his strange family and mafia family.

Janice Hallett (Aliyah Books)

A tribute to Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton written on the basis of audio recordings from the cellphone of an ex-convict trying to find out what happened to his mentor 40 years ago. A puzzle full of clues and symbols.

Julia Sales (Lumen)

A debut with echoes of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie, it is set in the 19th century English countryside but with a more feminist vision. The young protagonist would rather solve crimes than marry a good match.

Jacqueline Winspear as Maeva

after Three white feathersthe third case in the series by Maisie Dobbs, a housemaid turned detective in 1930s London. Scotland Yard asks her for help in facing a murder they have accused of a young peasant girl.

Miss Marple. Twelve new cases

Several authors (Espasa)

Twelve writers, from Kate Moss to Val McDiarmid and Ruth Weir, imagine several new cases starring the insightful old woman created by Agatha Christie in 1927. A nod-filled homage to the classics.

“Murder Among the Books”

Kate Carlyle (Alma Publishing)

One of the first three titles in the new collection of Convenient crime spirit. This film stars an expert bookbinding surgeon who finds her teacher murdered at an antiques fair.

Agatha Raisin and the Bloody Wedding

MC Peyton (Salamander)

The fifth part of the series that brings back the British MC Beaton, with her prematurely retired protagonist, who here will see her wedding cut short by her ex-husband, whom she believed dead.

Finlay Donovan. Writer of Death

Elle Cosimano (backlit)

With more violence but with tone, wit and some comedy from Convenient crime: The protagonist, Finley Donovan, a struggling novelist and divorced mother of two, accepts a commission from a woman who believes she is a contract killer.

Collections of Agatha Christie (Espassa / Column)

Crime Queen, W Convenient crime, par excellence, still lives in bookstores. His novels are restored by Espasa in Spanish and Columna in Catalan. In the face of this summer, like the new rescues Mousetraps And The crooked house.

Miss Merkel. The Case of the Buried Gardener

David Safire (Sex Paral)

The sequel stars the detective character of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, invented by novelist David Safire. A new case will turn her retired life upside down.

Three dogs

SJ Bennett (Salamander)

with Windsor knot, the British author achieved success by transforming Queen Elizabeth II into the crowned Miss Marple. In this, a new investigation will try to find out the cause of the death of one of her nannies in the pool.

Neta Prose (Domo)

A Cluedo-like mystery starring Molly, an idealistic waitress at a luxury hotel, a fan of Columbo, who finds a dead client in a room. Notoriously eccentric, she is accused of murder and becomes a detective to clear her name.

“The Mysteries of the Kamogawa Tavern”

Hisashi Kashiwai (Salamander / La Magrana)

Within the police, this unusual proposal for gastronomic mysteries has arrived from Japan: a former policeman and his daughter offer the customers of their tavern to recreate their signature goulash, the recipe of which they do not know. To do this, they conduct real investigations in each case.

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