11 amazing shows of Spanish cinema that will get people talking in 2023

This year 2023 reserves for fans of Spanish cinema 30 minutes of “Western Gay” Pedro Almodovar, “Strange Way of Life”; expected return from Victor Ayres Three decades after his last job. and version Ja Payun Plane crash in the Andes 1972, “Snow Society”.

But there will also be an expected crop of second films, with solid names like Celia Rico, Elena Trabi, Pablo Maceda, Paul Urquio, Lucia Alemani, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa or Eduardo Casanova.

In addition, one of the actors is directing for the first time after starring in more than fifty films, Mario Casas (“My Loneliness Has Wings”), and the Segovanian comedian savage eva He jumps into the movies with “anyone’s having a bad day.”

From newcomers to masters like Carlos Saurawhich premieres the documentary with its view of art, “Las paredes habla”; Gerardo Herrero, producer of more than 150 films, who premiered the series Bajo terapia; “Hermana muerte”, for the “master” of Spanish horror cinema, Paco Plaza, or the new family comedy of “Super-Grosser” Santiago Segura, “Vacaciones de verano”.

They are also premiere Javier Visser“championex”; Victor Garcia Leon“What a vacation”; Belen Macias“Summer in Red”; Benito Zambranothe immigration drama “The Jump”; Czech Karabante‘power’; Daniel Calparsoroagain with Louis Tosar“all the names of God”; Manuel Martin CuencaOr “Andrea’s Love” or Paula OrtizTeresa.

“A strange way of life,” Fado’s lyrics for a short gay man

Starring Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Ethan Hawke, “A Strange Way of Life” is a half-hour short film, the second that Pedro Almodóvar has shown as a stand-alone piece after the success of “The Human Voice,” with Tilda Swinton, that The Man from La Mancha has given shape to a Western to tell. Gay love story.

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With its scheduled premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, the seed for this short film was a fado verse by Portuguese writer Amalia Rodrigues: What a strange way of life / My heart is this / You live in a lost way. / Who gives you condoms? ‘.

Iris returns to cinema at the age of 83 with the movie “Cerrar los ojos”

Author of the only masterpieces “El sur”, “El sol del Quince” and “The Spirit of the Cell”, Víctor Erice returns to theaters at the age of 83 with his fourth film “Cerrar los ojos”, a drama focusing on identity and memory, with the actors Manolo Solo, Maria Leone and José Coronado as champions, which puts him behind the cameras after a 30-year long absence.

Plane crash in the Andes mountains and survive at any cost

After breaking into series with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and world cinema with Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, JA Bayona premiered The Snow Society, his version of an event that took place in Chile in 1972 when a rugby team they were flying crashed In a plane in the Andes mountains with no other means of survival than to feed on the corpses of his teammates.

Fesser returns with “Campeonex,” a sequel without Javier Gutiérrez

Winner of the Goya Award for Best Film of 2018 and the king of the box office in the same year with the movie “Campeones”, Javier Visser returns to the story and the characters in “Campeonix”, a sequel in which the original team, minus Javier Gutiérrez, reunites in another episode in which humor and tenderness will triumph Thanks to actors with disabilities like Jesús Vidal, Sergio Olmos or Gloria Ramos.

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“Teresa,” Paula Ortiz dives into Saint Via Mayorga

After her debut with the poetic “From your window to my,” and her twelve Goya nominations for “La novia” (2015), Paula Ortíz from Zaragoza presents her vision of Santa Teresa de Jesus based on the play “Language in Pieces” by Juan Mayorga , which has a great cast, with Blanca Portillo, Asier Exandía, Greta Fernandez and Luis Bermejo, among others.

Lucia Alemani turns to comedy with Mari (dos)

Valencia Lucia Alemani, who entered the author’s cinema through the front door with “La inocencia”, changes her record in her second film, Mari (dos), to break into comedy with Paco León, Ernesto Alterio and Celia Freijeiro as the protagonists of A Triple Love Story .

Paul returns to Basque mythology with the wonderful “Irati”.

Sitges Festival Audience Award, “Irati” takes place in the 8th century when Charlemagne’s army crosses the Pyrenees and the conquered leader of the valley makes a blood pact to defeat the enemy. Paul Ukijo (“Errementari”) returns to the traditions and stories of ancestral gods and Basque mythology to create one of the most surprising films of the year.

After ‘Las Distancias’, Trapé suspense with ‘Els encants’

After watching various TV series (among them “Rapa” and “HIT”), ESCAC alumnus Elena Trapé returns for a feature film premiere with “Els encantats,” a step forward in the feelings of frustration and loneliness that have already plagued her. The first film, “Las distancias”, with Laia Costa, Aina Cloet and Daniel Perez Prada as the protagonists in this emotional drama shot in Catalan.

Mario Casa and the Neighborhood Heroes in “My Unit Has Wings”

Mario Casas debuts behind the scenes with the support of Warner Brothers and the leading role of his little brother, Oscar, in the drama ‘Mi soledad tiene alas’, set in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​with friendship. and leaping into adulthood amidst an environment of violence and loneliness as the interlocutor of the world of a somewhat lost boy.

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Celia Rico: More stories of the women of Los Pequeños amores

The Sevillian director returns with another female story after the phenomenal “Journey to Mother’s Room”, this time with Adriana Ozores and María Vázquez giving life to another generation’s relationship to talk about love and loneliness.

Alauda Ruiz de Aza leaves with Netflix to shoot a comedy

New 2022 winner Alauda Ruiz de Azúa directs with “Cinco lobitos,” her second feature film on Netflix, a romantic comedy about a man (Alvaro Cervantes) who has the gift of clairvoyance and predicts the future of his relationships with a kiss.

The director of “Education” is filming a Spanish production

Related news

Danish Lone Schervig (An Education, 2009) stars Antonio de la Torre, Bérenice Bego and Daniel Bruhl in this Spanish production set in the 1960s in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Passing her passion for art on to her daughter, Maria Magnolia becomes the storyteller of the town, most of whose residents can’t afford movie tickets.

Although if anything is going to be special, 2023 is how many filmmakers make their debuts. Watch out for the first works of Santi Trollinc, Zida Carmona, Juan Jesús García Gallucha – Editor of ‘Tadeo Jones’-, Ruben Stein, Paz Jimenez, Patricia Ortega, María Elorza, Juan Galinanes, Angel Gómez Hernandez, Joaquín Carmeth González, Olga Osorio or Karol Polakoff .

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