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The natural thing is to be efficient in consumption, both at home and in the company. Being able to do this in a simple way without dramatically changing consumption habits. The natural thing is for us to make our own decisions… and what is more natural than taking advantage of daylight and street air to produce the necessary energy.

All this should not be revolutionary or forceful today, nor should it generate more “profit” than is just and necessary. For thousands of years, Homo sapiens have already made use of sunlight to generate fire, fire, heat, cooking, and light. We discover nothing… we go back to our origins. It’s not bad news.

The revolution is that today we can get highly advanced and economical technology, typical of the 21st century. The “profit” is obtained thanks to doing it in a simple way, so that it is installed in the house or in the company neither more nor less than what is required. What is powerful is having the tools to make real-time decisions that help us improve the efficiency of our consumption.

sustainable solutions

At Natural Home, they help make all of this happen without fuss, in an honest and simple way. And they can do it because they are Free from ties with major electric companies And because they have A team of highly qualified experts. This company also cares about what is happening there to make available to its customers not only the best technology on the market (without being tied to any brand) but also the corresponding EU or municipal assistance programmes. Also included in the genes is the interest in nature, without forgetting in advance that the energy that pollutes the least is undoubtedly the one that is not consumed.

Natural Home’s suite of products and services for businesses and families is very simple. First they do Energy advice To the customer: They do not sell or buy energy, nor are they affiliated with any brand, manufacturer, installer or marketer. The goal is to make the best-case scenario a reality with a high-quality energy-using facility, 100% renewable and tailored to your needs.

They implement solar installations for self-consumption and realization Save up to 70% on your electricity bill. They make thermal installations consisting of a team to heat the house all year round and get hot water. In addition, they install electric car chargers. Finally, to take care of the facilities they provide a After sales service Who ensures the maintenance and monitoring of the operation of the installation to ensure its maximum performance.

Personal attention

At Natural Home they take care of everything. They are honest and transparent, providing both the facility and the service that best suits consumer habits, and with maximum profitability. They will be solutions that not only generate savings, but will also be efficient from an energy point of view. This can be seen on their website, which has a full Q&A section where you can check out all kinds of very useful information.

It’s time to get to work, for several reasons: Good weather is nearer, so there will be good energy. The right time to have the installation ready by then. next to, At Natural Home they are experts in obtaining benefits and benefits (100% of our clients have funds already allocated). They expect departmental disbursement to start now (because funds are limited).

In response, at Natural Home, it’s done very quickly: Within a week, your installation is sized and within another month, they have it ready for you. As they often say in your company: “What’s more natural than all this? Don’t let them spoil you.”

comprehensive plan

1 • Check the energy and determine the dimensions of the installation. A brief energy consumption audit measures which installation is most efficient, and which model is best suited for your home or business.

2 • Research and management of grants and subsidies. They are experts in soliciting assistance and subsidies that have an impact on energy saving and efficiency projects, and you will be the first to receive them.

3 • Financing and amortization scenarios. They are transparent with you, they will show you the savings for your installation, and they will give you the option of being able to finance it.

4 • Installation. They will implement it with high quality products and ensure maximum performance. With little invasive action, which will not change your daily life.

5 • Improve the contract. If you allow it, they will enter into your electricity contract to help you improve your conditions (and, if necessary, recommend that you change company).

6 • After sales support service. And most importantly, they will not leave you alone, because they will take care of your composition, and they will be attentive to suggest future measures that continue to influence the improvement of your consumption.

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