100 best restaurants in the world | Spanish restaurants Aponiente, Azurmendi, Enigma and Ricard Camarena among the 100 best restaurants in the world

Spanish restaurants aponentAnd AzurmandiAnd puzzle And Ricard Camarena Restaurant in between The world’s 100 best restaurantsa ranking released this Thursday by the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Specifically, the Gastronomic Guide revealed the list of restaurants ranked between 51st and 100th place ahead of the annual awards ceremony that will take place. On Tuesday 20 June in ValenciaWhere the full list of the best facilities in the world will be announced.

In this part of the menu, Spain is represented by the restaurant Aponiente by Chef Angel Leon V Santa Maria port (Cádiz) who holds this position No. 64while Azurmandi Eneko Atxa at 81The Albert Adria Project. puzzlethis at 82 While the host city of the ceremony this year, Valencia, makes the list for the first time with Ricard Camarena RestaurantAnd Rank 96.

Chef Ricard Camarena received the news With great joy And be sure to include it in this rating, “even if it’s in the second section” (those from 51 to 100), is “A way to continue to position the restaurant at all levels”.

He added, “This appreciation comes more to the team than others, because I am perhaps more aware on a daily basis and the place we occupy in national and international gastronomy.”

At this point, Camarena realizes that he is “The joy of this kind of prize” lasts “one day”. “Don’t expect it, you absorb it, and you’re very happy, but in a few hours you’re into other things,” he said.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Director of Content, William Drew, congratulated the first winners. “We are delighted to see restaurants from so many new locations appear on the expanded roster for the first time this year. All of the establishments announced today have demonstrated exceptional hospitality and represent some of the finest dining experiences from around the world. We are delighted and appreciative of their achievements and extend our sincerest congratulations.” to the hard working teams behind their success.”

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And so, the second part of the list includes Total of 12 new entries from 11 different citiesfrom Quito and Panama City to Istanbul and Paris.

Europe is the country with the most restaurants in this part of the ranking with a total of 21, followed by Asia with 15, while North America has six, South America has five, and Mérito in Lima is the highest new entry to appear in the ranking. 59, the third in the Middle East.

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