10 secrets of Sam Heughan before Outlander: Who his father gave up selling perfume at Harrods

At 42 years old Sam Heughan He has been promoting his acting career for a long time thanks to titles like Batman LiveAnd bloodshot And The spy who planted mealthough the role of fat Jimmy Fraser from the series A stranger from home He is the person who formed a turning point in his life. The character is based on the best-selling saga of Diana Gabaldonwho admitted that he already knew what his end would be, made him a world-famous figure, but his path to success has been marked by some difficulties: his father abandoned him when he was just a child, and constant rejection in Poureconomic problems, insecurity … He talks about all of them in waypointsthe work just published in Spain Principal de los Libros in which the actor reveals hidden truths about his life during a self-discovery journey of more than 150 kilometers along the West Highland Way, Scotland’s most famous hiking route.

1. His father deserted him

Heughan acknowledges that there was a biographical fact that distinguished his character: His father deserted. explains in waypoints. Her first contact with him was when she called him on the phone on her tenth birthday, although she did not recognize him. “I don’t let people into my life easily. Confidence is something that takes me a while to develop. I have very few close friends. No doubt part of all of this may be due to the fact that my father disappeared when I was young. Although I don’t use it.” as an excuse.” He heard from him again when he was in his early twenties (when his father went to see him in the theatre), and for the next and last time, when he was preparing to star in the first season of A stranger from home. He invited the actor and his brother to visit him at his remote cabin in Canada, where he was living, as he was dying of cancer. “I forgave him to leaveDespite the pain I caused, I still don’t understand it.”

2. I grew up among the ruins of a castle

His father’s abandonment caused Heughan’s mother to raise her two children alone: ​​Sam and his brother, Serdan, five years. They both owe their names to the magic that their father felt Lord of the Rings. After the patriarch left, the woman found a home in a complex of converted stables on the outskirts of town New GalwayIn the grounds of a ruined castle, Kenmore. It is said to have been the birthplace of John Balliol, King of Scots from 1292 to 1296. It has been abandoned since the mid-20th century, its walls crumbling and besieged by nature. He had his own course ghost storiesAlthough Heughan admitted he had never seen the headless piper who was supposed to be the star of the show. Displays.

3. A boy chubby with a bottle down

Nobody knows now Force fitness It can be imagined that Heughan, during his childhood, was “A very plump and sensitive child‘, as he describes himself. In addition, he was nearsighted, and since his mother could not afford decent glasses, he wore Social Security-funded glasses, with Bottle butt glass. “They made me feel That self awareness I didn’t wear it in class,” he admits. Although he was already tall at the time (he’s currently 1.90 cm), his physical appearance meant that during his childhood he didn’t have much confidence in himself.

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4. From starter to salesperson at Harrods

Before he became successful as an actor, Heughan had to get the chestnuts out of the fire by doing multiple jobs to make ends meet: Guide in a theatre, boss from an internet cafe, tray at the Royal Lyceum Theater in Edinburgh, waiterserving sandwiches on a bicycle, sponsoring a shift service for Social Security doctors in South London, such as receptionist From the mental hospital, advertising, serving appetizers, Selling Vivienne Westwood perfumes and clothes at Harrods…between one job and the next, it kept popping up Pour Because he never lost hope of achieving success on stage or in front of the cameras.

5. Reiterate your refusals and ultimatums

Heughan’s career has been plagued by years of rejection. fresh from Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dramatic ArtShe realized that she wasn’t very good at the tests and that she was “in”. Ruthless sectorHe was looking forward to roles in game of thronesAnd AquamanAnd SupermanAnd Tron: LegacyTo be James Bond…. What little he saved he used to pay for flights to the US for the test season in Los Angeles, though he did go from audition to audition on public transportation. He eventually moved to North Hollywood, where he slept on a mattress on the floor. “When I was rejected, I was so disappointed that I left and carried on”; “I turned He is almost immune to rejectionhe recalled. He came to an ultimatum: If he failed to succeed as an actor by the time he reached the age of 40, he would turn his back on his dream.

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6. There are no funds to return to the UK

Difficulties in obtaining papers before ball to A stranger from home They made Sam Heughan look down his neck with water sometimes. Like when you are in los angeles from Pour in Pourhe found an alert from the bank: his account was in the red and I had no money to go back to London. On one occasion, things got so tense that tax agents They knocked on my door. He was naked and desperate in a way, ”he recalls. A role in a Scottish series helped him out of this predicament.

7. He found out at the supermarket that it was going to be Jimmy

The turning point in his life came when he was assigned a role Jimmy Fraser in A stranger from home. She discovered it while pushing a cart around the fresh fruit rack at her local Muswell Hill supermarket. He confirms that he roamed with joy, left the carriage, and went to celebrate in pub with friends. Find a file a partner the television, Claire RandallIt took longer, and it didn’t stop until the series’ producers were absolutely sure it was between the actor and Caitriona Balf There was the necessary chemistry. Because her story is full of incendiary scenes. In fact, there is a clause in Heughan’s contract that obliges him to sign up nude scenes. What always bothered her was responding to the rumors about her relationship with her co-star, which was stopped when she made her relationship with the music producer public. Tony McGillwith whom she gives birth to a child in 2022.

8. Pigment ruin

The actor’s family has few redheads: his grandfather, his uncle, his mother … but he is not, although his character Jamie Fraser is distinguished by his red hair. To achieve this, they asked him to dye his hair. She bleached it seven times in the first two weeks, until her hair rebelled at the beginning of the second season. It turned purple and started to fall off. He complains “since then he has not been the same.” So she began to wear wigs, as happened to her daughter in a fantasy, Sophie Skelton. Filming the series wasn’t the most complicated. In order to describe him with scars that show the skin his character received, he had to submit More than three hours of makeup. The process is now faster, but it still takes about an hour to finish.

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9. Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow

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Although she considered studying English and film studies, Heughan eventually gravitated toward acting school. He failed on his first attempt to get in Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, but he did not miss his second chance, and a year later he got a place to train as an actor. He took his first steps on the stage and, in fact, Heughan considers his roots to lie in the theatre: “I was born as an actor there”. The tours gave him the feeling of being constantly on the go and “living with things in a suitcase”. But he didn’t care because “it was part of the profession.” His acting success earned him a K.A. Award Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow In Dumfries, near his hometown, he dresses almost like Harry Potter, and also likes to joke.

10. He doesn’t like football and prefers whiskey

Unlike many of his compatriots, the actor He was never addicted to football. Except for Football, whom he loved as a spectator, admits that team sports are not his thing. But he has a passion for fitness and has set up the charity My peak challenge, which communicates its values ​​of healthy living through exercise and nutrition routines and which, by the way, raises funds for scientific research into diseases. What else he likes whiskeya hobby Which he was able to deepen as an entrepreneur thanks to the name that was carved A stranger from home. He has his own brand sassinachwith which he also shot tequilaEl Tequileño, because he loves Mexican culture.

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