10 Movies On ‘Live Streaming’ You Can’t Miss This January

It begins in 2023 and does just that with a variety of novels and documentaries available to watch at home on the always dreaded January rampage. Beatle fans will get their dose with ‘Abbey Road: If the Walls’, fans of Jennifer Lopez will be able to enjoy her comedic visit in a new wedding film and fans of indie films will love some rarities like Earwig. There are basic social denunciation tapes like “Hype” or politics like “Klondike” about the war in Ukraine, plus the latest from Eddie Murphy and Jon Hamm.

🎞️ Thursday, the fifth day. Movistar +, Filmin

Greg Mottola, who is responsible for cult films such as Adventure land As for Very bad, approaches the universe created by Gregory MacDonald about journalist Fletch and his investigations, which has already had an adaptation by Chevy Chase. Now, Jon Hamm is getting into this character’s skin with his co-star mad menJohn Slattery. A detective comedy full of eccentric characters that becomes an excellent counterpoint to an epic daggers in the back.

🎞️ Friday Today 6. Filmin

The latest film from the great director Lucile Hadzihalilovic, which won the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Festival in 2021, was part of the Atlantida Film Festival, but can now be enjoyed within the catwalk catalog. a job Mysterious and wonderful, filled with powerful imagery that delves into the imagination to create its own suspenseful and dreamy universe. A radical film that is not based on narration, but on creating a hypnotic and suggestive atmosphere that takes us to Disturbing cognitive and mental spaces.

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Abbey Road: If Walls Could Sing

Friday, the sixth day. Disney+

Paul McCartney’s daughter, photographer and documentarian Mary McCartney She guides us through the stories of some of the most iconic recordings that took place at the Abbey Road studios through a very personal journey as they are told from their own perspective. For the first time, the studio doors were opened to explore the scope of his contribution to modern music. There are interviews, archive photos, and previously unpublished session tapes Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Liam and Noel Gallagher, John Williams, George Lucas, Cliff Richard, Jimmy Page, Shirley Bassey, Kate Bush or Roger Waters.


Wed 11 netflix

It made it through theaters, but like many Netflix originals in a way that’s so small and fleeting that it can’t really be considered a proper show. So it’s time to discover this essential work by Natalia Berestin The silent genocide of women in your country, Mexicowhich integrates perfectly with other critical work such as fire nightWritten by Tatiana Huizo (also on Netflix). A thriller-style film that brings us closer to a mother’s struggle to find her missing daughter.

“Les Magneti (Magnetic Strikes)”

🎞️ Friday the 13th. Movistar +

It was presented at the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival and It won the César Award for Best First Feature. Vincent Mile Cardona’s film, in addition to discovering a whole host of young faces in French cinema, is a fascinating portrait of a generation of the eighties and how The relationship with music defines the lives of some of the characters since the establishment of a small local station. Chronicle of nostalgia as a reaching the age of majority Filled with catchy tunes and legendary songs that reflect on an ever-changing world where young people try to rebel, in their own way, against the system.

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🎞️ Friday the 13th. Movistar +

Before establishing himself with his first feature film, Saint Omar, Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the recent Venice Film Festival and French Oscar nominee, documentary filmmaker Alice Diop has already been clear about her interests, Migration and everyday stories of ordinary people facing misery and inequality in your day to day. This work follows in the footsteps of a nurse, a writer, a cleaner, a junk dealer, a fisherman, and the filmmaker herself to epitomize a fictional proposition in which censorship figure mingles with denunciation cinema, given the spectacle. A train line that runs through the suburbs of Paris.

🎞️ Friday 20

Young actor and playwright Francesc Cuéllar appears behind the camera for the first time to compose a simple piece that reflects the very profession of cinema In the era after metoo Through boundaries and consent. In the middle of filming, the protagonist requests a meeting with the director to inform him that she will finally not be doing the nudity scene that was filmed the following week because You don’t feel comfortable. You feel like it’s not an honest project and that scene only serves to make her objective. During a long conversation, both of them will present their attitudes towards art and the way it is captured with integrity and respect.

🎞️ Friday the 27th Netflix

Kenya Paris Directed and Actor Jonah Hill writes and stars in this culture-clash comedy, Social expectations, generational differences and racial prejudices with a truly luxurious cast of Eddie Murphy and Lorraine London. Julia Louis-DreyfusAnd the David DuchovnyAnd the Nia Long s Ria PearlMThe creator of the #blackAF series continues to investigate African American family relationships and struggles in today’s society at the pace of comedy.

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🎞️ Friday the 27th. Amazon Prime Video

Jennifer Lopez and weddings, an unmissable classic. The actress and singer feels most comfortable in this sub-genre since starring in 2001 marriage plans Along with Matthew McConaughey and have practiced regularly, most recently last year with marry me. She is now embarking on an action comedy with Josh Duhamel, whom she is about to marry on Dream Island when a group of mercenaries take them hostage. They are accompanied by Jennifer Coolidge and even Lenny Kravitz as Hot Ex.

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