10 Foods You Can Eat Even If They Expire

The more than Food deteriorates over time. They lose their flavour, odor, or color, harden, or soften. But even if it does, you should know that in most cases this deterioration is not a health problem.

Food may have a label on it Expiry date or preferential consumption. The difference between them is that if consumed after that date, the first type can pose a risk. But since the latter does not present any problem, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has prepared a list to announce 10 Foods You Can Eat Even If They Are “Expired”.

10 Foods You Can Eat Even If They Expire


I already said it Arias CanettiExpired yogurt doesn’t hurt anyone. In 2014, the government changed the expiration date to the preferred consumption date for these products. Namely, the yoghurts can be eaten days after their best pre-date, although we warn you that its acidity may increase.

Cakes and biscuits

Although they may soften over time, these products can be eaten for up to months after their best date as long as they are stored in the right conditions.

Pasta, rice and legumes

Like cookies, pasta, rice, and legumes can be consumed after the recommended date if kept in airtight containers.

Potato chips and nuts

These types of appetizers are kept longer than recommended thanks to their high salt content. Although it tastes stronger over time and becomes more rancid, consuming it does not pose a risk.

Jam and butter

The sugar in these products makes them last longer in airtight, airtight containers.

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Bread can be eaten after a long time if it is kept in a closed container and in a dry place. Of course, once you start Take out the template You will not be able to use it anymore. Another option is to store fresh slices of bread in the freezer to keep them for a long time.

Cured meat and cheese

Processed sausage, if kept in one piece and properly, can be consumed after the best prehistoric thanks High salt content. Of course, they will be somewhat more difficult but they will not pose any danger to our health. The same goes for curd cheese.

Soft drinks and alcohol

Alcohol and soft drinks, especially sugary drinks, can survive beyond what the label indicates, as long as the bottles or cans they contain do not have dents or scratches. Of course, OCU specifies that Some alcoholic drinks Yes, they have been spoiled by time arguing that they have the best prehistoric ones. Contrary to popular belief, there are wines that deteriorate rather than improve over the years.

Soups and sauces sachet

If the packaging is not damaged, its consumption does not pose any danger thanks to its high sugar content. Also, dried soups last longer.

tomato containers

Once opened, it doesn’t take long for it to spoil. If the package is tightly closed, it is okay to consume it after the expiry date.

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