080 Barcelona Fashion: Last day parades of the 30th edition

last day of 080 Barcelona Fashion I started strong. Long line of guests waited half an hour before the “show” finally started One of the novelties of this 30th edition which has returned to normal. It was a new born 080 Reborn, parade 100% in second-hand clothing, Which left the level higher than expected, which was followed by corporate proposals Eiko Ai, Habey Club, Reveligion, Yolancris, Menchen Tomas.

080 Reborn

Under the bet government for circular economythe show had the support of Agència de Residus de Catalunya, CCM and Girbau LAB and had the designers and artistic directors Fermin + Gilles Designer (Fermin Siret and Gilles St. Martin). With clothes retrieved from textile waste sorting plants and used clothes from stores such as Humana, Las Pepitas, Love Vintage, Victoria, J. Joe Serpels, Flamingos Vintage Kilo, Fred Perry, Condor, Dr. Martins and Armand Basi. In total, there was a file thirty looks who seems to have just come out of the “Atelier”, judging by the dazzling faces of the “front row” full of salads, of the “conseller” d’Empresa i Treball, Roger torrent; and “consellera” d’Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural, Theresa Jordanto the director of Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda, Agnes RossignolDirector of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Isaac Peraire i Soler.

Singer Lildami wears Humana jacket, T-shirt, Flamingos Vintage Kilo shorts, Condor socks and DR Martens shoes.

The first model shown was the Catalan trap singer Lildamy, It was followed by an assortment claiming diversity, from ‘chubby’ models to those brushing gray hair, of all sizes and ethnicities.

romantic group “Life under water”, from project Gloria Lado, who began by reinterpreting the kimono as an iconic piece of the brand, has worked to expand its universe to present this deep-sea-inspired chain. a Weightless and ethereal fantasy About the underwater life full of vaporized shadows. Sheer, ultra-fine satin in bright colors and shimmer in warm colors and sizes in all styles and jacquard, cast in watercolor editions. Almost first cousins ​​from the fishing group Martin Across.

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Echo Eye

“There are so many ruffles that mimic the motions of jellyfish; we love the ruffles,” explains Gloria, who presented an entire palette that breathes pose, light, and summer, with a palette of turquoise, lavender, silver, neutrals, blush, and pink. A touch of red to evoke the richness of the seabed. An extra feminine look.

my love club

Then, they premiered in Barcelona Guys from Madrid, David Salvador and Javier Zonzonigui. “We studied together at CSDMM at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and since then we started with this project,” they explain about their “slow fashion” brand, despite having two collections a year. Fans of companies like Loewe explain that they are happy to debut in Barcelona, ​​where after this show they will start selling in multiple brands. fascias.

In addition to conceptually feminine designs, “where humor has an important weight,” they say, they also design avant-garde and subtle shoes – which they produce in factories in Elche – and their own jewelry and bags (“which are a huge hit among our customers”).

They say that after the pandemic they did not want to think of an overly serious group, and in ‘ReunionI imagined it, specifically, weddings and family parties where you have to sit down to chat with a distant relative. “We wanted to reflect the diversity in the characters’ clothing through the different finishes of the fabrics: coarse or coarse fabrics, satin and gauze with transparencies. We’ve also added different neck lengths and lines, as well as a trench coat blend of classic suit fabrics with casual sleeves made with a rib knit,” says Zunzunegui.

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Among his accomplishments, that gAlbardine and dresses with slits under the armpitsThose rude, organized shawls in denim that you might say are denim, and those dresses that carefully reveal in silhouettes as if they had been loaned to you for the event by a friend who doesn’t share your size. The origins of anger.


Maria Rodriguez, designer and creative director, introduced Outsider, a collection that deals with a search for existence and a commitment to oneself and those who find no place or space to grow. On the catwalk, models and models will be wearing exceptional pieces featuring volume and tulle, which will once again be able to push our boundaries.


Then it was the turn of the signature Yolanda Perez The bridal sector’s leading boho style, which is influenced by her musical and artistic references from the ’60s and ’70s. The company, which still bets on timeless elegance, diversity of colors, patterns, textures and sizes, gifts “poet”A collection inspired by the ’60s lady, the fabrics feature strong, authentic ‘print’ fabrics and solid primary colours. Silhouettes play with the volumes, tolerances, and richness of a variety of exquisite fabrics ranging from taffeta, lace, silk, and hand-embroidered beads.

Minchin Thomas

Marker Olga Minchin Responsible for closing this 30th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. It is a brand that designs, produces and manufactures its own “prêt-à-porter”, party and bridal collections, as well as exclusive designs from haute couture design For brides upon request. Show, “rat pack”Inspired by a group of American actors and musicians. Executive dress stripes, diplomatic ribbon, wool, twill, Swarovski crystals, 3-D volume, white, lime, and ceramic blue are the elements that make up this collection, which fuses streetwear pieces with party pieces.

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