080 Barcelona Fashion: 3rd Day Parades of the 30th Edition

Almost in tropical November, that was really appreciated The third day of parades for the thirtieth edition of 080 Barcelona fashion I started with Triad of fresh paradesor at least they called I dream of snorkeling or a summer night by the sea. They preferred to evade – and clearly win – proposals Guillermina Baeza, Lebor Gabala and Martin Across. On the other hand, in the afternoon, and at sunset, things get hotter, with high-voltage proposals, “cool” and charms in abundance, before Label version, Custo Barcelona and Avellaneda.

Let’s go by the parts:

Gilermina Baeza

be the Unique bathroom signature Introduced in this edition back to the rallies, they highlight just more of this brand that has been at the bottom of the valley for more than 40 years in terms of fashion for diving. Belen Laroythe creative director of the brand launched by her mother in the 1970s, was on the edge of a cliff minutes before the presentation of her new collection, A marvel of swimsuits, bikinis, tops, shorts, and ‘prêt-à-porter’ accessories.And the Although there are less meters of cloth. Safari Larry explained that these models are called the latest models “with technical and stylistic innovations to fit all women,” noting that this idea has been in the company’s DNA since its inception, including sizes up to 3XL.

They wanted to promote the same idea through a variety of models: in addition to Juliet Gracehigh net worth and daughter of Tricicle member, Joan Gràcia, and former model Ana Fernandez LaRoga, The ‘top’ was also shown with two gold coins News BermegoPregnant, universal and sensual Lauren Doran.

Under the watchful eye of friends, like Yolanda CardonaBarcelona goalkeeper’s wife, Victor Valdes, actresses Anna Petran and Olala MorenoAnd the Elena RakonikArtur Mas wife and designer Peter Aedo sported 35 “looks” inspired by a famous campaign that Guillermina launched in the ’90s. It happened in Kenya, the Galician photographer Manuel Otomoru, who just received a Lucie Award for his career in New York, is the person responsible for those gorgeous photos adorning the catwalk on Thursday. The new group [con mucho hilo de lúrex, fibra reciclada y tejido que imita al denim] It is inspired by this and we restore two models; explains the stylist, who at the end of the show goes out to greet her mother with her arms around her.

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By the way, note that next summer let the sarong rest, Laroy advises wearing the short and, above all, the shirt: “Not only can it be reused for other ‘looks’, it makes you feel even more feminine and unique.”

Libor Gabala

Libor Gabala is the nickname for Maite Muñoz, a designer, and her sister, Nuria, who is in charge of financial management From a company with three decades of experience that has been on the Catalan platform since 2014. In case you still don’t know, the name comes from the audio quote of “Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn”, the title of the Celtic Mythology book meaning “Book of Conquests”. Many years in the trade and too personal to know how to delve into the trends unleashed by the big textile groups, and continue to do what they like: “listen on the street” and make something else “prêt-à-porter” from day to day. Mighty sums up “in addition to what our client asks of us,” noting that “she’s a 50- and 60-year-old woman who’s followed us from the start, but she’s also her daughter we’re designing for as well.”

Seeing how hot summer is now with climate change [acaba octubre y ahí seguimos]Lebor Gabala is a luxurious and heavy-duty collection to withstand the sweltering temperatures that come our way. the total 41 look Where they do not want to abandon the popularity of fuchsia, but go further New khaki and emerald green.

But what caught his attention the most Cotton muslin, flowing silk, satin and poplin set was a success Rescue “a discreet style of escape from the floral and more powerful combinations of the previous ones”. It’s about the call Toile de Joy brought by European traders from the Indies in the sixteenth century. Or not Drive Marie Antoinette crazy And then, to his court. They were seen on wallpaper and cutlery, but not on skirts and dresses “just enough ‘oversized’ to allow air to circulate,” says Mighty, proud of another tech innovation they presented at the show. It is a net of the “80s” braided with metallic raffia, which was also used in dresses, “blouses”, and airy skirts.

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Martin via

The Annual Collection -FW 23/24 who gave Young Ecuadorean designer The balance between two great identities: Boardingan engine of his first designs (he began presenting his project at Moda FAD in 2015), and another sport that he discovered on a “last trip to the Galapagos,” where he began in Diving. And with these two men he sewed them 30′ looks full of mountaineering rope, mountaineering weapon, hooks and nets.

Greens, aquamarines, sparkling blues, and sunset browns form postmodern utilitarian pieces, inspired by a ‘fishing village in Ecuador’, with Fleece jackets and sailor pockets such as those used in the 1950s and 1960s.” Sheer ‘mesh’ dresses and ‘sexless’ ensembles, among which Warm neoprene oversized jacket. Soft woven pieces, using different techniques, silhouettes and prints, mimic the feel Underwater diving at nightwith flashes of light and fluorescent reflections of corals.

label edition

At approximately 6 p.m., The Label Edition, a brand with 100% digital DNA, created by Veronique von Seibenthal and Laura Johanssonbased on the production of locally made capsules and in limited units, that are timeless, ethical and honest exclusivity.

They were the only ones who have so far performed two groups on the same show, FW22/23 and SS23. The proposals overlap and unite at the same time conceptually, in a very feminine, powerful and positional style.

Cousteau Barcelona

Like Txell Miras, another brand at the Barcelona fashion event is Custo, a brand with a uniform image that has been presenting its collections at New York Fashion Week since 1997. Innovation and creativity were once again present at Light Up, a new experimental proposal, Whether in shapes, in pattern making or in blending fabrics, which defines a new language committed to creativity in all its forms.

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A reference in the men’s fashion world is responsible for closing the rallies on Thursday. Founder and Creative Director, Juan Avellaneda, stylist, celebrity stylist and fashion icon, presents his image The new FW22 kit, “Sunset Mirage”, Which is born from an image: the intense hue, from violet to orange, of a Mediterranean sunset. You can’t miss a tuxedo or a suit with unusual fabrics to gorgeous long dresses full of volume, steamy or aristocratic, designed to cause the ultimate effect. The elegance of the seventies and the communicative competence of social networks.

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